On Thursday I headed to Paris (Berlin to Paris, via London… I know!). Friday I had the honor to visit LRI, where Michel Beaudoin-Lafon, Wendy MacKay, and Nicolas Roussel showed me around. This group is working on many important projects, although I was particularly impressed by the effort to create new paradigms and architectures of interaction for software, and support them through actual software infrastructure. Check for example the already well known (but still evolving) Metisse – the last iteration of which was shown to me by Olivier Chapuis, and iStar (Stéphane Huot). This doesn´t mean that they forget about building stuff and creating new interaction techniques. Emanuel Pietriga showed me a sweet new interactive/multi-display installation that I would love to see working soon, and his most recent papers in CHI.

It was also great to meet recently hired Prof. Caroline Appert, and two students that are working on issues related to mine: Ghomi, Mathieu Nancel. Finally, I spent a lot of time with Tomer Moscovich discussing about tabletop, multi-finger, HCI and many other things.

Thanks to all for the warm welcome and, especially, for the amazing discussions.

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