Berlin/ Hasso-Plattner Institut

I arrived to Berlin on Tuesday and went directly to the Hasso-Plattner Institut, which is part of Potsdam University. Potsdam is actually a small satellite city of Berlin. Patrick Baudisch was recently hired to lead HPI´s Human-Computer Interaction group. I had the privilege to work under Patrick this past summer… if you want to see cool stuff, check his page.

Patrick already has two Ph.D. students: Sean Gustafson and Christian Holz. It is a little early to tell what their main topic of study is going to be, but they are already preparing some stuff for publication.

The next day I got to give my talk, which was recorded on video for the first time, and also to talk to Christina Dicke, based in New Zealand´s HITLab, who is starting an internship with Patrick.

I love Berlin, and I enjoyed seeing Patrick and Sean again. Thank you very much for enabling my visit to Germany!

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