University of British Columbia

On Friday it was time for the last of my NECTAR visits: UBC in Vancouver. Of the two UBC NECTAR profs, only Kelly Booth is currently in Vancouver, but I got to meet Joanna McGrenere‘s students even though she was away.

It was great to see Joel Lanir wrapping up his PhD work on Multi-display for public presentations. Karyn Moffatt and Leah Findlater’s have been busy making menu selection faster by applying perception research. Garth Shoemaker is taking further (way further) his idea of using shadows for interaction with large displays. Finally, Russ MacKenzie and Evgeni Maksakov showed me their research on 3D, one for architects, the other one in large displays. I didn’t get to see Kirstie Hawkey‘s last work, but she actually took care of setting up the schedule. Thanks Kirstie!

After the great visit (thank you all), I finally got to spend some time with Susan, who saved me from missing my plane today (I’m now in Seattle) – Thanks again for everything!

(uff… it feels good to be up to date again)

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