A day (almost) in Calgary

After arriving late and staying with family (thanks Mike and Amanda), Thursday was the visit to the University of Calgary. Well, it was not the best day to visit (there were two other people around competing for the attention), but that is fine, because I know this lab well.

After the talk and some pizza I got some time to talk to students of Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale and Ehud Sharlin. For those who don’t know the interactions lab, it is actually formed by three labs that correspond to each of the professors (GroupLab, Innovis, and UTouch respectively) and that share the same (large) space. Among the students in the interactions lab you can count Mark Hancock, known for his work on 3D tabletops, Helen He, who is working on visualizations to convince us to use less energy, Charlotte Tang, who studies information flow in hospitals, Marian D¨ork, who looks at using visualization techniques to improve search and Uta Hinrichs, who is busy with art and information visualization (mostly applied to museums). It was also nice to see Nic, Thomas, Jim, Steve, Amy, and Chris.

In summary, it is always great to visit the interactions lab; great people, great research.

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