In Budapest for the FP7 ICT Proposer’s day

I’ve spent the end of this work week in Budapest, at the ICT Proposers Day. For those of you who do not know about this, this is a network opportunity put together by the European Comission to get together people that are interested in putting together a paneuropean research proposal on an ICT topic.

Per Ola and myself have been networking like crazy and exploring some extremely interesting possibilities. Here are a few pictures of the very successful event:

For the reception, they took us by steam train to the Hungarian train museum, where we saw a pretty cool set of old engines and train wagons (just a couple photos above).

After all the hard work, we had a bit of time to visit the centre of the city, and take a photosynth of the Hungarian Parliament Building.

One thought on “In Budapest for the FP7 ICT Proposer’s day

  1. hola miguelon !
    veo que te estas aposentando bien a la vida europea. espero que tu y kate esteis bien. barbara anda con muchas ganas de conocer escocia (pese a no poder ubicarla en el mapa…)……

    abrazos y nos encontramos en breve / en un futuro / en algun lugar.



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