A piece of art that knows where you’re looking

The ultra-talented Lindsay MacDonald, student of CMD (computational media design) and a prominent member of the iLab in Calgary, has finally released her Master’s art piece to the masses, which I helped create as a co-artist and co-engineer. It’s titled A Delicate Agreement, in reference to the subtle social interactions that take place in elevators.
Of course, it is best to come and see it yourself (you can visit it at the Taylor Family Digital Library‘s lobby, next to the real elevators), but for those of you who cannot wait until the piece tours somewhere close to you, the video is the second-best option:
You can get more information about the piece by visiting its website.
A view of the elevator in its original location.

The elevator at its current location in the TFDL

2 thoughts on “A piece of art that knows where you’re looking

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