After Singapore it was time to go back to Europe. First stop: Copenhagen.

On Monday I got to visit Jakob Bardram, at the IT university of Copenhagen. Jakob is applying the idea of activity-based systems to a number of domains; he has already been very successful in Health Care. Among others, I got to hear from Jonathan Bunde-Pedersen, and Juan Hincapié, and met Jens and Neela.

Tuesday I had just enough time to visit the Department of Computing, University of Copenhagen, where Mikkel Jakobsen (good friend and ex-colleague intern from MSR) had organized a meeting with Professors Kasper Hornbæk, and Erik Frøkjær.
The discussion was very interesting, and after that I got to play some foosball with Mikkel. Finally, I got to see some of the work by
Esben Warming on Music and Tangible Interaction.

Copenhagen seems like a really wonderful place to live and work. Thanks also to everyone there for making my stay so interesting and comfortable!

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