NICTA in Sydney

This has been a crazy week, and only today I get to write about what happened in Sydney.

After my Emirates flight (nothing spectacular, really) I arrived to Sydney, where I got to stay with Carl, my supervisor.
It was fantastic to enjoy Manly beach, but I wasn’t there for the beaches or for the views. Wednesday was time to present at NICTA (National Information and Communication Technology research centre of excellence of Australia). There, Kenton O’Hara
who shares his time between NICTA and CSIRO , together with Markus Rittenbruch, showed us what they are up to with the BRACETTO project, which is highly relevant for my work on Multi-display environments. It was also great to meet Gregor McEwan (former Calgary student), and Christian Müller-Tomfelde, with whom we discussed a number of interesting issues related to multi-display environments and tabletops (he is currently editing a book on the subject).

All in all, a very interesting visit (it does also help that the weather was wonderful). I´d like to thank everyone at NICTA for the useful remarks about my work and for hosting us.

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